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Health & Wellness 
Healthy Lifestyle: Total Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit

As an organization of predominantly African American women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is uniquely positioned to impact not only the well-being of its membership, but also the families and communities we serve. The DeltaCare initiative is an internal wellness initiative under the programmatic thrust of Physical and Mental Health. It was created to promote self-care through physical wellness, emotional wellness, and awareness/advocacy. Specifically, the Red S.H.O.E. challenge is the physical health component of DeltaCare that encourages members to engage in healthy behaviors. S.H.O.E. is an acronym for Self-care, Healthy Options, and Exercise.

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See Health & Wellness in action!

Gloria Mabry
Health & Wellness Committee Chair


Thank you to all who attended the My Sister's Health program on April 13, 2022. 

Please take a moment to fill out the program survey.  

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