New York Alumnae Chapter
Executive Board 2020 – 2021


Monique Jackson-Dickens | President

Jimyce Johnston | First Vice President

Sheryl Weatherspoon | Second Vice President

Deidre Flowers | Treasurer

Marjorie Fort-Dees | Financial Secretary

Alyssia Jackson | Assistant Financial Secretary

Gilda Gillim | Recording Secretary

Charmaine L. Shelton | Corresponding Secretary

Gloria Mabry | Sergeant-At-Arms

Bernadine Callender-James | Parliamentarian

Mattie Dickerson | Chaplain

Monica White | Immediate Past President

Committee Chairs
Arts & Letters
  • Chair: Melody Moore

  • Co-Chair: LaTonya Givens

  • Co-Chair: Mary Riley

Budget & Finance
  • Chair: Deidre Flowers

  • Co-Chair: Marjorie Fort-Dees

Centennial Committee
  • Tri-Chair: Nikoa Evans-Hendricks

  • Tri-Chair: Denise Glaudé

  • Tri-Chair: Jacqueline Jenkins

Communications & Technology
  • Chair: Charmaine L. Shelton

CTT (Collegiate Transition Taskforce)
  • Chair: Jimyce Johnston

Delta Academy
  • Chair: Nicole Benitez

Delta GEMS
  • Chair: Tenee Hall

  • Co-Chair: Lauren McCord-Springer

Economic Development
  • Chair: Wanda J. Bell

  • Chair: Kim Dennis-Walker

Health & Wellness
  • Chair: Gloria Mabry

  • Co-Chair: Linda Smith

Heritage & Archives
  • Chair: Denise Glaudé

  • Co-Chair: Danielle Sackie-Mensah

Internal Audit
  • Chair: Lynette McBride Hyde

May Week
  • Chair: Angela Muneerah Young

Membership & Reclamation
  • Chair: Jimyce Johnston

  • Chair: Rogernelle Griffin

Nursing Home
  • Chair: Deborah Cochrane

  • Co-Chair: Maxine Frere

Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Rep: Adrienne King

  • Rep: Virginia Toomer

  • Alt: Bernie Callender-James

Policies & Procedures
  • Chair: Thais Ridgeway

Program Planning & Development
  • Chair: Sheryl Weatherspoon

  • Co-Chair: Kim Dennis-Walker

  • Chair: Virgina Toomer

  • Co-Chair: Nia Modeste

Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Chair: Lashanda Shuler-Hawkins

  • Chair: Michelle Brown-Nevers

  • Co-Chair: Rogernelle Griffin

Social Action
  • Chair: Deborah Yates

  • Co-Chair: Kimberly Hayes

  • Chair: Charlene McLeod



New York Alumnae Chapter

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New York, NY 10027


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