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New York Alumnae Chapter
Executive Board 2023 – 2024

Jimyce G. Johnston | President

Thais R. Ridgeway | First Vice President

Lemeekque T. “Mimi” Woods | Second Vice President

Alyssia Jackson | Treasurer

Gilda Dawn Gillim | Recording Secretary

Erika L. Ewing | Corresponding Secretary

Teneé A. H. Jones | Financial Secretary

Rogernelle Griffin | Assistant Financial Secretary

Gloria Mabry | Sergeant-At-Arms

Bernadine Callender-James | Parliamentarian

Mattie Dickerson | Chaplain

Monique Jackson-Dickens | Immediate Past President

Standing Committee Chairs FY 24-25
Arts & Letters​​
  • Co-Chair: Jeannine Foster-McKelvia

  • Co-Chair: Qamar Said

Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy

  • Co-Chair: Lorraine Frazier

  • Co-Chair: N'Della Seque 

Budget & Finance
  • Chair: Alyssia Jackson

Communications, Public Relations, and Technology
  • Chair: Erika L. Ewing

  • Co-Chair: Qamar Said

  • Social Media Manager: Alyssia Jackson

Economic Development
  • Chair: TBA

Educational Development
  • Chair: Carla Munoz-Ling

Embodi (Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence)

  • Chair: Taina McField

Emergency Respons
  • Chair: Deborah Payne

  • Co-Chair: Zina Mingo

  • Chair: Jimyce G. Johnston

Heritage & Archives
  • Co-Chair: Deidre Bennett Flowers

  • Co-Chair: Danielle Sackie-Mensah

Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS (Growing and Empowering Successfully) 

  • Co-Chair: Tenee Hall Jones

  • Co-Chair: Lauren McCord-Springer

Internal Audit
  • Chair: Charlotte Reid

International Awareness and Involvement
  • Co-Chair: Johnetta Miner

  • Co-Chair: Amari Lewis

May Week
  • Chair: TBA

Membership Services
  • Chair: Thais Ridgeway


  • Chair: Taiina McFields

Nursing Home
  • Chair: Deborah Cochrane

  • Co-Chair: Maxine Frere


Pan-Hellenic Council

  • Rep: Adrienne King

  • Rep: Bernie Callender-James

Physical & Mental Health
  • Chair: Neysa Williams

  • Co-Chair: Erica Ponteen

Policies & Procedures
  • Chair: Jeanine Foster-McKelvia

  • Co-Chair: Thais Ridgeway, Esq. 

Program Planning & Development

  • Chair: Lemeekque T. “Mimi” Woods

  • Co-Chair:  Nicole Yearwood

Protocol & Traditions
  • Chair: Victoria Juste

Risk Management

  • Chair: Elsa Hampton, Esq.

Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Chair: LaShanda Schuler-Hawkins

  • Chair: Michelle Brown-Nevers

  • Co-Chair: Denera McCollough

Social Action
  • Chair: Lisa Copeland

  • Co-Chair: Monique Jackson-Dickens 

For all inquiries and please contact the Erika L. Ewing, Corresponding Secretary at


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