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While the primary rewards of conducting public service programs are in the benefits to our community, recognition has accompanied many of our efforts.

Awards New York Alumnae Chapter has received through the years:

  • First Place Award in 1993 for our Reclamation Program

  • Order of Hammer Award at the 1994 National Convention for contributions to Habitat for Humanity

  • Garnet Award at the 1995 Eastern Regional Conference for “Generous support and outstanding dedication to the Eastern Regional Team.”

  • The Chapter of the Year Award at the 2001 Eastern Regional Conference

  • The Web Design Award at the 48th National Convention in 2006

  • New York Alumnae was included as recipient of New York Metro Regional Project ACE Award 2009/2010 

  • Certificates of Appreciation from many of the organizations with which we are affiliated such as the Harlem Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation 

See additional New York Alumnae Awards in our Photo Gallery.

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