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The Sneaker Ball Winter Fundraiser is a festive day party. We aim to raise funds for our scholarships and public service programs to bring unwrapped toys to support our partnering organizations that give toys to children in the local community while celebrating the holiday season. 

Last year's Sneaker Ball was held on Saturday, December 10. 2022, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Studio Arte. 265 W. 37th ST., 17th Fl.New York, NY, 10018, in partnership with the Rockland Omega Community Development Foundation, Inc. The day party was a huge success; we enjoyed dancing, music, light refreshments, raffles, and awarded prizes for the best sneakers. We also invited vendors to help support small businesses and donated toys to two local organizations.

We look forward to a new Sneaker Ball theme, food, dancing, raffles, and prizes each year. We appreciate your continued support of NYAC's scholarships and our public service programs. 

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